INTO THE ARCTIC 3: The Last Chapter

In post-production. Coming Spring 2018


For a decade, the Canadian Arctic has inspired the paintings of artist Cory Trépanier. His expeditions have taken him to some of the most remote landscapes on earth. Now, with a touring exhibition on the horizon, he must return to the Arctic to complete his creative vision.


Over nine weeks, Trépanier covers 25,000 kilometres on his fourth Arctic expedition, experiencing rarely seen vistas in a quest to fill his canvases.


On this journey, he travels the most northerly canoe route in North America, encounters Muskox and Arctic Wolves, treks with an Inuit elder who teaches him ways of living off the land, and paints the 1845 Franklin expedition gravesite at Beechey Island before voyaging through the Northwest Passage.


Into The Arctic 3: The Last Chapter inspires audiences with the lands and people of Canada’s North, and raises critically needed awareness and appreciation for a region undergoing great change.


Length: 90 minutes
Release: April 2018

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Into The Arctic II: Screen Credits

Executive Producer, Director, Writer and Narrator: Cory Trépanier

Music by: Rob Teehan

Writer & Narrator: Cory Trépanier

Editing: Justin Hall, Cory Trépanier

Motion Graphics: Robin Hamilton

Videographers: Ryan Bray, Cory Trépanier, Josh Ausley

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