Sony EX1 goes north... way north.

"In early 2009, I shared with Sony Canada a bit about my upcoming 7-week trek to the Canadian High Arctic to paint and film this incredible, wild landscape. In my past trips north, as part of my INTO THE ARCTIC PROJECT, I had used other camera technologies, including a Sony A1U, to bring back my story to share with others through television, in the theatre, DVD and online. Due to the nature of my travelling style, heavily burdened with all the normal camping gear plus my painting easel, cameras and more, I had to work with a camcorder form factor, something that I could add to my pile of stuff and still manage to plod along with. That naturally meant a certain amount of comprise with the image quality that I could achieve in my filming. And this was always a little frustrating... to go to the ends of the earth, experience places seldom ever seen, and not be able to capture it as well as I could see it. Then came the EX1... not as good as my eyes, but darn close!

So I bought one about a year before the trip, and Sony graciously sent along a second one as a backup. Unless you bring it with you up north, you're not getting one there anytime soon if a Muskox tramples on it.

For those interested in these things, I'm using this page to share a few photos and thoughts about using this fine machine in the extreme Arctic environment in hopes that it may help someone using, or thinking about using, an EX1 some day."

Cory Trepanier

Picture Profiles

If I could only suggest one thing in the use of the EX1 that will make a real difference in the image quality, it would be to NOT shoot it straight out of the box. Don't get me wrong, it does a fine job there, but it can get much better. One of the biggest benefits of good adjustment is keeping more of highlight detail. There are many "picture profile" online, and after much tweaking and testing I am posting mine here for you to play with.

Below are the EX1 Picture Profiles I developed for my trip. I was aiming for a true colour rendition, something that might not require much colour work in post. My goal was to capture nature as true to life as possible. In the end, though I was very pleased with the results, I would change one thing next time: pull the red saturation down a bit.

CP_reg01: used 90% of the time

Matrix: Hit Sat, Level, +5, (Phase -5, R-G 75, R-B 0, G-R -18, G-B -23, B-R -27, B-G 13)
Black -4
White: OFF
Detail: Level -5, Freq +40, WH limiter +75, BL limiter +75
Gamma: Level -4, Cine 4
Black: -3
Black Gamma: -2

CPdulday: Used on dull days

Matrix: Hit Sat level, +10, (Phase -5, R-G 75, R-B 0, G-R -18, G-B -23, B-R -27, B-G 13)
Black -4
White: OFF
Detail: Level -5, Freq +40, WH limiter +75, BL limiter +75
Gamma: Level 0, Cine 3
Black: -4
Black Gamma: -2

Sony EX1 in action:

"Cory's Arctic journey continues as his brother Carl heads home after a month on Ellesmere Island

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Entries #55 and later were shot with the EX1

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